In The City Of Blinging Lights


I just really needed you.

I just really fucking needed you to be right for me and to love me and I still can’t wrap my head around why we love the ones who treat us like we are nothing.

But a year has gone by and I’m still gasping for air because I never learned how to swim without you.

And no one knows how to help keep me afloat,
And I don’t, either.

"I knew your favorite color and your hatred for your dad but I could never quite put my finger on what your 3 am thoughts were or why you were always drowning in scrambled thoughts and mixed feelings but here I am now with tingling limbs writing half drunken poetry on a school night and moving on to other boys can’t make me forget about you and shots of vodka that makes me gag can’t make my heart beat at a normal pace or sleep better at night but what I do know is when you break all those promises you couldn’t have possibly loved me as much as your midnight text messages and brilliant midday kisses expressed. Because you were the first person to touch me the way you did but you most certainly won’t be the last and the constant want to be with you forever is gone
I don’t ever want to see your fucking face
And I thought loving you was all I needed but it turns out you’re not half as wonderful as I made you out to be but at least now I know to not make anyone ever that important to me because giving you the power to make or break me with one sentence was the worst mistake I’ve ever made."

- I never thought I would be writing about you like this (via not-frail)

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Elie Saab at Paris Fashion Week Spring 2015

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